Japan’s prices rise

Traveling to Japan may become more expensive starting in 2022. We are currently seeing an price increases in Japan. This increase concerns hotels as well as transportation and restaurants.

Especially in transportation, shinkansen fares will go up from April 2022. This is however a regular increase for several years.

Hakone free pass tickets, which were favored by travelers for their convenience, are also seeing their prices increase.

So the Hakone Free Pass (2 days from Odawara) is increasing from 4600 JPY to 5000 JPY. It was 4000 JPY three years ago.

The popular Japan Rail Pass is also increasing. A pass valid for 14 days cost JPY 46,390 in 2019 but increased to JPY 52,960 in 2021.

Bus travel for groups and cabs will also be more expensive due to increased fuel costs.

Despite these increases we will continue to offer you the lowest rates in Japan.

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