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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to change money before I leave?

Japan has many ATMs which can be found in konbini supermarkets or at post offices. International cards can be used to pay in most stores and restaurants. However, it is recommended that you always have a sum of money ready for small payments. This will also help you avoid queuing for change when you arrive.

Will my credit card be accepted in Japan?

Japanese shops and restaurants that accept payment by card generally accept all Visa and Master cards as well as American Express. Foreign cards can be used to withdraw money from konbini or post office ATMs. However, please make sure you always have a certain amount of cash on you.

How do I withdraw money from ATMs?

Japanese ATMs are mainly located inside konbini supermarkets and are free to access 24 hours a day, post offices also allow to withdraw money. We recommend using the 7Eleven konbini ATMs for their lower fees. ATMs can be switched to English.

What is better: a SIM card or a rental wifi box?

We advise you to rent a wifi box (Pocket Wifi) for national coverage as well as for unlimited access to internet and online telephony.

I have to meet friends in Japan, what kind of gift can I give?

Avoid decorative objects and prefer food, mainly local specialties. Cosmetic products will also be very appreciated.